Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Whole New World

A very funny video taken yesterday. Tiffany has became more and more cheeky but she brought lots of laughter to me and hubbee!

YouTube Video

Will find time to blog soon! So many things to do and so little time!!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A lovely Saturday!

Mummy & Kong Kun came over yesterday to see baby Tiffany. Luckily her fever has already subsided. :)

Mummy bought a few clothes for Tiffany and they all fit her so nicely! She will be wearing one of Mummy's buys for CNY 初一!

This is the outfit. :)

Another dress mummy bought.

One of the bibs mummy bought.

Damn cute! Love it so much!

She's bringing sexy back~!!

Looks like father and son eh?

Love this picture alot!

Tiffany lying on bed with me watching Barney.

In 2 weeks time, I'm going to have something I'm dying for!!!!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tiffany turns 9 Month!

Today Tiffany turns 9 months old! Stayed home with her cos my poor baby is down with fever, 38.6 degrees.

From this month onwards, I'm gonna note down her developments every month cos it is getting more and more exciting each month! So here it goes!

Tiffany's 8th Month development:
• Grown a total of 2 teethes only
• Drinking 120ml every 2 hrs
• Wakes up once at night, sometimes twice or none at all
• Very greedy!
• Learning how to crawl on the floor
• Knows "CARTOON" means "TV"
• Recognizes mummy, daddy, gong gong, ah ma, Lao ma and gugu
• Knows how to say "mama", "papa" and "mummum"
• Always blabbers and shout
• Able to pick small objects using thumb and index

That's all!
Hopefully by the end of 9 months, she will be able to crawl better, speak more and learn to stand by herself. Oh, and perhaps grow more teeth?

Tiffany is preparing for chinese new year! Lol.

Love this photo! She damn cheeky!

Having this ice cold cloth on her head for the whole day to subside her fever.

So tired, gonna sleep before she wakes up!
Nighty night guys!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Life like this..

Stayed home today with my baby girl. She brings me so much happiness and totally makes me forget about the stress I face during work. Days like this really makes me happy.

Sometimes, looking at tiffy, I question myself. Am I a good enough mother? I know I love her enough and no one can ever love her more than I do but did I give her enough? Do I have the capability to give her a comfortable life in future?

Well, I guess only time will tell. Till then, I'm going to do my best at work, earn as much as I can and continue to give her as much as I can afford.

Good night peeps!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

8 Years and still counting..

On this exact same day 8 years ago, someone very special came into my life. It wasn't anything like fairytales which consisted of any love at first sight thingy.. The truth was, I kinda disliked this noisy and irritating person.

As day passes, we begun to know more about each other and surprisingly before I knew it, she became someone I couldn't live without.

Since young, she have been there for me, through thick and thin. She have seen me at my ugliest and at my prettiest, at my saddest and my happiest, from my first love till I got married, at my poorest and my richest..and she never ever left me. In her presence, I never had to hide myself because she love me so much, she's able to accept all my flaws. When I'm slutty, she says I look sexy. When I'm bitchy, she says she likes it. When I'm evil, she says they deserve it and when I'm fat, she says it's alright cos she's fatter. No words can ever tell how much I love her..

At times, I hate myself cos of the words and attitude I show when I'm frustrated. No matter how many times I ruin the friendship, she always found ways to mend it back..

Dear, I love you so so much. Let's continue to grow together, to achieve much more in life. I know we can do it! & our love will definitely get stronger with each passing year! Loves!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome, 2011

Decided to blog again. A brand new blog in a brand new year, hopefully it will be a wonderful year for me, my family and people I love, which includes Miki. <3

Recap of 2010:
• Got married to the love of my life on 21st Febuary
• Second chance in life on 12th April
• Gave birth to my precious baby, Tiffany Yap Xin Ling on 13th April
• Had a fantastic birthday celebration with Miki Dear on 22nd May
• Started my first ever stable job in August
• First cable car dining experience on hubbee's birthday on 1st November
• Bought mine and Tiffany's first insurance in November
• Bought a gold anklet for the first time for Tiffany as a Christmas present on 25th December

To summarize everything, 2010 have been a great year for me because I've got what I always dreamt for; a family of my own. Although everything isn't perfect like how I thought it will be, I'm happy that god have given me Tiffany. She have been such a great motivation to me for my work and the reason for my happiness everyday. Although I have never ever slept through the night without waking up since she was born, although I cannot go out as and when I like, although I have to give up certain things like spending more on myself, I find it totally worth it and if given a chance, I will still stick to my initial decision to keep her.

In 2010, I've met many great people as well. People who came into my life quite unexpectedly and made me smile everyday. You girls know who you are. :) As for Miki dear, although we don't see each other as often now, you are still a part of me and you'll always stay.

To end this post,
My 2011 resolution:
• Earn at least $2500 monthly
• Get driving license
• Give Tiffany an unforgettable 1st birthday
• Celebrate 21st birthday in Taiwan
• Apply for own flat
• Fulfill everything in my wish-list

Have you guys set your own resolution for 2011?

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